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Artist Statement

"Dwelling' 2019

This body of work is composed of a collection of objects and identifiers that are recognizable themes of home. As I worked with these objects and ideas, the repetitive processing of this tactile material led to an intimate and personal experience with these common objects. A copious amount of hours is spent within this relationship of worker and material, allowing the worker’s mind to wander and reflect onto outside memories. Through this intimate connection of understanding and control of this material, I became comfortable with reminiscing on the aspects of my life that have been unpleasant, altering my view of home. A home is a place of safety and security, and these memories affected my recollection of this safety that was ingrained in me. By working and strengthening this shapeless wool into a solidified form, it gave a sense of control over the media but also control over these latent associations. Allowing time to contemplate and understand these newly found connections to home. The final form is a reflection of these wandering thoughts that have intruded and embedded themselves into the work. The recognizable object only acting as a stand-in for these thoughts.

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